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Among Giants

I first visited Chamonix four years ago. When I first set foot in town and looked up, I quite literally sank to my knees, stunned by the immense size, drama, and beauty of these mountains. I felt what can only be described as awe, and the feeling has not diminished on subsequent visits. Mont Blanc is the heart of the mountain world, the place where climbing was born. I was hooked.

Last summer, I had a work meeting in Paris, and my wife wanted to come. So the whole family spent three days hiking in Chamonix before driving back to Paris. It was all part of my master plan—getting them to fall in love with Chamonix so I could come here more often. And it worked! The lift system enabled relatively easy hiking with jaw-dropping scenery. Town provided ham-and-butter sandwiches, good dinners, and gelato. What could be better? And so we decided to return this summer, for a whole week.

I’ve been climbing quite a bit this last year, mostly with my two favorite local guides—Silas Rossi and Matt …

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