Spring 200k Brevet (in 2006)

"Do you think we'll pay for this later?" asks Don Podolski, our RBA, when I rode down to his shop in January, in shirt sleeves. Soon enough it was bitterly cold, and a few snowstorms made riding difficult. The spring 100k, the now-traditional start to the New England brevet season, was even cancelled due to snow. The forecast for the 200k didn't look great, either. Two to four inches of snow overnight, even though the high was supposed to be close to fifty.

You never know, so I got up at 5:15 anyway, looked out the window, and saw clear roads. So I drove down to Westfield, MA, and got ready to ride. I was running a bit late, and didn't really have time to chat before the ride, which is unfortunate as I usually don't see most of the folks again! But today would be a little different.

South loop first... big group stayed together... chatting with Sandy W., riding a single-speed... some new riders... had to ride really hard on hills to stay with group, but easy on the flats... half-gallon of chocolate milk at first control, a supermarket in CT... finally tailed off after 54 miles... nice to stop and take a break, adjust clothing, etc. Rode into Westfield alone, everyone was there... picked up last year's brevet medals... took off early from the control so I could ride up some hills at my pace... Sandy's group caught me on the big climb, managed to catch back on at the top, rode with them through Easthampton and Northhampton, tailed off for good on Route 47. Rode into the last control in Sunderland, saw the gang again, stopped briefly, took off alone, Sandy's group went by for good around mile 95. Big hill, no chance of seeing them again!

Eventually rode in with Wayne, had a nice chat...


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