Visiting Infogrid Pacific

In November 2013, I finally visited the offices of Infogrid Pacific, in Pune, India. Here are some photos from the visit.

Welcome to Infogrid Pacific!
The view from the window

Part of the production team
Dave and Deepak Chandran. Deepak is the chief technology officer, wrote most of the code in Dante, and has been working with Richard for fourteen years.

Milan hard at work. Milan (who is from Nepal) started as a tea-boy when he was sixteen or seventeen. After a while Richard said, “if you're going to hang around here, you might as well learn to type.” After three weeks, he was typing sixty words a minute. Now he’s their best JavaScript and CSS developer.

Milan contemplates a paper dosa.

The developer’s area.
The development team, with visitor

Richard and Dave

IGP is powered by tea.
The tea area
Richard in his element, on the phone.
Richard in the smoking room/stairway/conference room. We spent most of Monday discussing ideas for DP here.
HBG executives all in a row.

The street around the corner from the IGP office.


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